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Reinhardt Glass and Car Care is located in Elliot Lake, Ontario.

Dean Reinhardt has been working in the glass business here since 1974.

Scot Reinhardt is a veteran in the business as well, but he left for a while to obtain his BA and manage a local hotel.  He also served on City Council for 10 years.

The two brothers reunited and started Reinhardt Glass and Car Care in 2011.  They added car cleaning to their auto glass services at this time.

In the summer of 2013, they enlisted their brother Todd’s graphics and newspaper background to start a new publication called The Reinhardt Pen.  The Pen began publishing in September of 2013.  If you’d like to know more about the publication click on the Pen link on the menu bar to download any issue.

In December of 2013 Reinhardt Glass and Car Care introduced a line of superior, high powered batteries as a retail item.  The company is planning on further expanding its retail lineup in 2014.

The company is well known for its free car wash policy.  People who want a car wash can call the shop and make an appointment to have their vehicle washed for no charge and no obligation.